The Cyber Security Problem Was Mis-defined...

With all the hacks going on, it is apparent that the Cyber Security community has not identified the problem correctly; therefore, the wrong approach has been taken.

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ATS is revolutionizing the cyber security world by delivering cutting-edge technologies that take a whole new approach, making Cyber Threats irrelevant and providing the only 100% solution!


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Let ATS manage your technology so you can focus on what matters…your business.

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In today’s world of data breaches and cyber-attacks, traditional methods of protecting data are not effective. Just read the news… Most organizations protect the perimeter of a network but lack the systems to protect the data itself. Protecting data at the source, “data-centric security” coupled with threat immunity, encryption, security policies, authentication methods, and physical security, creates a complete security solution to protect what matters most– your data and the ability to share your data in a secure environment.

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In today’s technology-driven world, IT and communications systems are not just associated with costs, but are a critical component of business operations. ATS provides practical business solutions, tailored to address the most crucial business challenges. Our technology consultants and engineers ensure that each strategy delivers real value – value that is practical, measurable, and achievable. We help our clients leverage the best solutions and technology for their unique needs, improving business processes and driving performance and productivity to new heights. Whether it is managing your network infrastructure, communications, cyber security, compliance & regulations (HIPAA compliance, ISO 27001, etc.), or you just need consulting on deciding on what technologies or processes to implement in your business – our focus is always on identifying and implementing processes and solutions that further our clients’ key goals and success. When you partner with ATS, “Your business is our business, and together we will achieve success.”


Whether you need experts to manage your IT  or you have a major IT project , our team becomes your team. ATS brings exceptional customer service, leadership and many years of industry knowledge and expertise. ATS delivers a framework for identifying, planning, fulfilling, and supporting your IT services with practical solutions. We provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your technology infrastructure and assets are managed by our world-class team which allows you to concentrate on managing your business.

If you have an existing IT department, we can enhance your team by bringing additional knowledge, access to more resources, and increase the quality of service they provide.



Security requirements can be generated by operations, outside regulations and requirements, or specific business needs. All of this must be taken into account   when designing a security solution or defining security policies. We know there is more to security than equipment or software — understanding   the environment where the solution will be used is crucial to ensuring that it has the capability to meet business needs. We specialize in “Total Security Solutions” which include both physical and data security to protect your information from all cyber security threats including internal threats.