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The $Billion Question for Boards


Do you have 100% security and control over your enterprise digital assets?

(We know the answer)

Would you like to?

(Hillary, Target, Sony, Yahoo and others answered this one incorrectly and paid $billions)

Get it today for 30% less than you’re paying now for solutions that simply don’t work.

(Nearly all solutions deal only with symptoms, not the real problem)

Hard to believe? …It’s Guaranteed


ATS delivers innovative solutions to provide true Cyber Security

Endpoint Protection

“Keeping the bad guys out” approach reveals a failure to correctly identify the problem. Once the checkpoints in these solutions are bypassed, they provide virtually no security. This is known as an outside-in and top-down approach and is a fundamentally flawed strategy. As a result, current solutions only address the symptoms of a much more fundamental design problem.

VMunity changes the way the computer architecture works by serving up computer processes in a secure manner making cyber born threats irrelevant.


XeroPass employs a triplex cyber security schema based on patented technologies that government security and academic experts have dubbed “game changing”. The data required for accessing any specific account is never stored on your computer or in the same place at the same time or in any form that can be viewed by others.


Protecting data in motion usually requires a complex hodgepodge patchwork of SSL, IPsec tunnels, application layer controls and multiple network configuration challenges. Certes CryptoFlow VPNs use the power of network virtualization to create simple, abstract encrypted “flows” across the network. Now encryption can be managed end-to-end without touching the network or applications.


The Genesis component of the Vir2us VMunity Suite quickly restores computing environments to a day-one, pristine state to provide complete assurance of uncompromised and secure computing.  Genesis can be deployed from the cloud, from a local handheld device (iPac3) or a laptop server appliance.

Genesis is a patented computer restoration service that performs a 100% restoration of the computing system environment including the BIOS and kernel.  Genesis takes a “digital snapshot” of a computer’s operating environment and quickly determines if the computer to be restored has any mechanical or hardware issues that would preclude its repair and restoration.  Next, Genesis creates a new and pristine computing environment, completely rebuilding the computer using a proven and patented “known-good” methodology.

Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention

The fact that sensitive data seems to increasingly follow a pattern of being leaked, lost or stolen, has forced security professionals to rethink how their organizations can keep their most valuable assets safe. RightsWATCH is an automated data classification solution that protects email, documents and other unstructured data regardless of whether it’s in transit or stored inside or outside your network perimeter to prevent data loss and enforce compliance. Identifying, classifying, marking, protecting and tracking your sensitive information has never been easier. Even if sensitive data is leaked, it is rendered useless to unauthorized parties that may acquire it.

Auditing, Logging & Reporting - "Insider Threats"

Solutions ATS delivers contain user-friendly auditing & reporting tools to ensure compliance and to track all activity on your network.

The auditing & reporting functions of each solution includes tracking of what your administrators are doing on the system. This will ensure that those with admin credentials cannot make changes to the levels of security without anyone knowing.