Why take chances with today's existing Cyber Security solutions.


Get immunized with Vir2us VMunity. The only cyber security solution in the market today that solves the problem!


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How to get real cyber security and cut your IT expenses by 30% or more.

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Did you know that over 90% of computers contain embedded malware?  Unfortunately, the most popular cyber security solutions are completely ineffective against embedded and foreign language malware.  Vir2us secures your enterprise from the inside out in just minutes, and at far less than your paying now for solutions that simply can’t stop embedded malware and unknown threats.  Only Vir2us ends the game with hackers and puts you in control of your critical digital assets.  Only Vir2us guarantees that your company can reduce its IT expenses by 20% or more.  Let us show you how.

Vir2us VMunity is the only true cure for digital cancer (Malware and hacking). VMunity protects below the kernel of the operating system and makes your systems immune to any cyber born threats. All of this is achieved without having to identify any threat. No more definition updates, slowing of the computer, and file corruptions. VMunity turns your computer from a unreliable machine into a reliable computing appliance!

dinCloud is the highest performing, flat rate, and truly secure cloud platform on the market today. Protected by Vir2us VMunity, dinCloud customers are immune to any cyber born threats. ATS has partnered with dinCloud to deliver the most innovative cloud offerings. dinCloud is paving the road to the future of cloud computing. Cloud computing is becoming more and more relevant allowing the internet of things to be possible and allowing companies to grow their infrastructure more rapidly.


In today’s world of data breaches and cyber-attacks, traditional methods of protecting data are not effective. Just read the news… Most organizations protect the perimeter of a network but lack the systems to protect the data itself. Protecting data at the source, “data-centric security” coupled with threat immunity, encryption, security policies, authentication methods, and physical security, creates a complete security solution to protect what matters most– your data and the ability to share your data in a secure environment.