Triplex Authentication

Do you have full control over your usernames and passwords?


XeroPass is the first truly secure identity authentication solution of its kind that enables computer access to all your systems and online accounts from your smartphone and eliminates the need to create, remember, enter or update user names and passwords. XeroPass gives you real-time control over all access and transactions.

XeroPass employs a triplex cyber security schema based on patented technologies that government security and academic experts have dubbed “game changing”. The data required for accessing any specific account is never stored on your computer or in the same place at the same time or in any form that can be viewed by others.

XeroPass is an extensible solution to the problem of secure authentication that has plagued some of the largest online companies with greater frequency.  The password files of these firms are under constant attack, requiring more complex and difficult to remember passwords.  The days of using passwords as a method of securing access and information are numbered.

Authentication Security Redefined

Only XeroPass provides secure authentication and auto login functions along with an extensible architecture that can be adapted to virtually any application including:


  • Real time approval of corporate expenditures
  • Real time approval of credit card and banking transactions
  • Automation of intranet secure authentication and updates
  • Automatic updating of  login information for ecommerce sites
  • And much, much, more…

XeroPass represents the next generation of cyber security solutions and meets the criteria for secure authentication and communications set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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