State-of-art e-Biometrics for Advanced Persistent Security

Biometric systems are gaining in popularity. Computer crime is spawning a need for more complex passwords, which users are required to replace with new ones at even shorter intervals. However, most biometrics systems involve complex and expensive hardware components that can make the systems impractical. TypeWATCH is an eBiometrics solution that needs no hardware, yet continuously monitors for identity data theft attempts, by analyzing free text typing patterns of each user.

TypeWATCH provides continuous security post-login (inside the perimeter) and secures the entire user session, by means of a real-time and persistent eBiometrics software-only solution. When an intruder is detected, TypeWATCH automatic applies whatever security policy the organization has chosen (challenge passwords, notification, lockout, etc.) accordingly and deploys mitigation actions which can be monitored and audited for compliance purposes.

TypeWATCH is a secure and straightforward method of identification engineered to be flexible enough even for the work processes where users are required to change places swiftly at individual workstations. Each authorized employee can access data and applications easily and securely.