When looking at all the solutions and technologies out there it is a daunting task. ATS has a team that is experienced and knows what works and what doesn’t for any size business. We ensure we keep up on all the latest technologies and keep an open mind as to trying new things ensuring you get the best services and technologies available today. We are here to educate you, guide you, and help you decide what is best for your business and what best fits your budget and needs.

ATS recognizes the importance of a solid business infrastructure. We take great Care in making sure that our network designs use trusted and reliable products to give our clients the best reliability possible given their unique requirements and budgets.

We can provide consulting in numerous areas of your business. Here are some of things that we consult on:

  1.  Costs analysis (Internet, office supplies, IT services, voice services, etc.)
  2.  IT services
  3.  Telecommunications
  4.  Printer Services
  5.  Utilities (Electricity, natural gas, etc.)
  6.  Business efficiencies and processes
  7.  Standardizations of technology
  8.  Policies & procedures on using your technologies

Our specialists are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your business environment. Our approach includes:

  • A discovery session to understand your existing environment, requirements, and budget
  • Provide a detailed vendor evaluation, recommendations, design, education, and proof of concept
  • Contract negotiation, implementation, and project management of the final solution