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Who they are?

tamCloud is a cloud consulting firm staffed with experts who have jump started numerous new cloud ventures from ground zero including startups, telecom carriers, managed service providers, and colocation/datacenter firms. tamCloud franchises its expertise, buying contracts, solution designs, orchestration platforms and more to insure success.

tamCloud History

tamCloud was founded by Mike Chase, aka “Dr. Cloud” the co-founder of who is published in dozens of online and print technology magazines, columns and blogs.  Mike holds dozens of industry expert level certifications (CCIE# 7226, Linux LPIC2, etc. ) which gives him and his team of certified engineers a hands-on approach while having the business savvy, marketing moxy, and digital rolodex (4100+ LinkedIn contacts) to get the job done.  Mike also has a  Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in Law from California Southern University.  After several decades in the trenches, tamCloud was was founded in 2012 alongside current ventures Mike was engaged with to glean the best methods, prices, technologies, contacts and know-how to effectively package a broad spectrum of Cloud Services into the types of enormously profitable recurring revenue streams his clients have come to expect.

Why tamCloud

tamCloud has a wide array of franchisee clouds and it’s own “UltraCloud” to host your most demanding workloads across virtual servers, desktops, storage/backup & more that live up to tamCloud’s demanding specifications.  Whether you need Tier 4 datacenter physical security and redundancy or NSA level virtual security, tamCloud is a one stop shop.  Ultra Cloud is the most powerful platform in the industry with servers boasting 24 cores/CPU, 1.5TB memory, 100gbps networking and NVMe disks that drive up to 4.5M IOPS (compare that to other Clouds at 20,000 IOPS!) while offering GPU support for virtual desktops and custom application hosting.

Their Philosophy

At tamCloud, security is absolutely paramount, followed by performance and sheer excellence of design.  Couple security + performance with an orchestration platform that is API & feature rich yet hypervisor agnostic — along with connectivity which features  SDWAN, MPLS and top shelf Internet protected by IPR & DDOS —  then the conclusion becomes apparent: there is no better, faster, more affordable hosted Cloud Service platform on Earth than those powered by tamCloud.

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