American Technology Solutions, Incorporated (ATS) is a US veteran-owned & operated technology company, whose primary mission is to cultivate long-term relationships that significantly improve our customer’s business while increasing the strength of our corporate foundation leading to a more prosperous future for our clients and employees. ATS focuses on being leading-edge by supporting, cultivating and inspiring innovation in everything we do and offer. ATS is always seeking innovative and emerging technologies to ensure it is providing the most effective and cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

Our motto; “Moving Business Forward” is meant to capture our corporate commitment to the following ideals:

  • Laser-focused attention to detail across all divisions
  • Employee development, education & prosperity
  • Un-matched customer service within our industry
  • Exceptional business relationships & solutions designed to grow and secure our client’s businesses
  • Responsible philanthropic activities in support of our community & Veterans


ATS has shifted its focus from being a traditional Managed Service Provider for Information Technology, to specializing in Cyber Security. The market desperately needs new solutions that address the real problem and not just the symptoms. ATS seeks out companies that have developed unique and patented solutions to face the challenges that we all see in the market today.

ATS has adopted many new, cutting-edge technologies in the Cyber Security market that take new approaches to combating emerging threats. It was clear to the leadership of ATS that the market was needing new approaches to cyber threats. A paradigm shift is needed in the industry to change the way we think about cyber security. This needs to happen from the board level executives down to the engineers and administrators that maintain the company’s infrastructure.

ATS has teamed with many organizations and experts to expand its capabilities to penetrate and capture the market with new cyber security methods and technologies. Through innovation and strong relationships, ATS has created a recipe for success and is moving forward to making a big impact in the Cyber Security space.