Managed Services Benefits: Supporting Overtaxed IT Teams Where …

The idea of managed services has been around for decades in IT, as companies sought help in running their data networks, desktops and servers. However, things are changing quickly these days with respect to managed 


Program Advantages

Prevention of network problems and failures: Through early detection of issues, we can resolve many issues before they can affect your network and your productivity.

Let you focus on your business: We are watching your network like a hawk with our proven software based system, enabling you to focus on what you do best, your business, instead of managing a network or its’ problems. How much is your time worth?

Getting slow service?: With our monitoring service we are able to respond quickly by having remote access to your systems. No more waiting for a technician to arrive and no more lost time or productivity.

System failures?: Preventive maintenance can prevent network downtime, prevent slowing of your systems, and can create a disaster recovery program that can get your network up and running quicker than if you did not have a plan in place.

Effective and proven solution: Our clients see immediate results from our solution. A network that is maintained on a regular basis has fewer failures and sees higher productivity and reduction in support costs.

Security: Your exposure to security risks is dramatically reduced by having the system continuously monitored for security updates, patches, enhancements, and malware updates. We include Antivirus and a 3rd party spam service for your network.

24X7 monitoring: Our system monitors your system 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure they are running healthy and functioning optimally. We are notified by email if any issues are recognized.

Flat rate unlimited support pricing: Our pricing is based on a flat rate for each device. You will have the opportunity to create a real IT budget for your organization.

Asset reporting: Get reports of your IT assets regularly and know what you have.



  • Accountability
  • Helpdesk / Customer Portal
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Incident tracking
  • Priority service
  • Reporting
  • Trend analysis
  • Procurement analysis & consulting
  • Access to diverse technical resources
  • Security bundles
  • System can be used by in-house IT Staff
  • Scalability
  • Predictability

Managed Services Summary

Contrary to the break-fix mentality of traditional I.T. companies, our business model focuses on offering complete, turn-key solutions that provide superior results at lower costs than traditional in-house Information Technology staff.  This is largely based on proven industry practices that allow a high level of automation and access to technical resources that would be out of the reach of smaller companies.  Our platform allows these smaller companies to enjoy the same reliability and compete in the same marketplace as companies several times their size.

Most smaller enterprises have experienced similar problems with their infrastructure, due to poorly managed systems, a lack of financial resources, and the loss of productivity when their I.T. staff resign or are replaced.  We can fill this need by refining business processes and automating common maintenance tasks with tools and systems that are based on the resources of much larger corporations.  We provide Quarterly Business Reports, budgeting and monitoring of resources that help them plan for the future and assures that their I.T. and communications are being managed properly.