In today’s world of data breaches and cyber-attacks, traditional methods of protecting data are not effective. Just read the news… Most organizations protect the perimeter of a network but lack the systems to protect the data itself. Protecting data at the source, “data-centric security” coupled with threat immunity, encryption, security policies, authentication methods, and physical security, creates a complete security solution to protect what matters most– your data and the ability to share your data in a secure environment.

ATS has created a closed loop security solution called IP DEFENSE to deliver genuine cyber security. Comprised of multiple solutions, IP DEFENSE combats against cyber threats “inside and out”.  Each solution can be adopted separately, however, implementing the solutions together provides the best protection found in the industry. Read about each solution below to understand the role they play in the IP DEFENSE suite and how they can strengthen your security posture.



RightsWATCH – by Watchful Software

The fact that sensitive data seems to increasingly follow a pattern of being leaked, lost or stolen, has forced security professionals to rethink how their organizations can keep their most valuable assets safe. RightsWATCH is an automated data classification solution that protects email, documents and other unstructured data regardless of whether it’s in transit or stored inside or outside your network perimeter to prevent data loss and enforce compliance. Identifying, classifying, marking, protecting and tracking your sensitive information has never been easier. Even if sensitive data is leaked, it is rendered useless to unauthorized parties that may acquire it. Leveraging Data Classification, Information Rights Management and Data Loss Prevention in a single solution, RightsWATCH keeps sensitive data safe and secure regardless of whether it is in transit or stored inside or outside your network perimeter defenses.

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TypeWATCH (Advanced E-Biometrics) – by Watchful Software

Biometric systems are gaining in popularity. Computer crime is spawning a need for more complex passwords, which users are required to replace with new ones at even shorter intervals. However, most biometric systems involve complex and expensive hardware components that can make the systems impractical. TypeWATCH is an eBiometrics solution that needs no hardware, yet continuously monitors for identity data theft attempts, by analyzing free text typing patterns of each user.

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XeroPass (Triplex authentication) – by Vir2us

XeroPass is the first truly secure identity authentication solution of its kind that enables computer access to all your systems and online accounts from your smartphone and eliminates the need to create, remember, enter or update user names and passwords. XeroPass gives you real-time control over all access and transactions.

XeroPass employs a triplex cyber security schema based on patented technologies that government security and academic experts have dubbed “game changing”. The data required for accessing any specific account is never stored on your computer or in the same place at the same time or in any form that can be viewed by others.

XeroPass is an extensible solution to the problem of secure authentication that has plagued some of the largest online companies with greater frequency.  The password files of these firms are under constant attack, requiring more complex and difficult to remember passwords.  The days of using passwords as a method of securing access and information are numbered. 

Only XeroPass provides secure authentication and auto login functions along with an extensible

Architecture that can be adapted to virtually any application including:

• Real time approval of corporate expenditures
• Real time approval of credit card and banking transactions
• Automation of intranet secure authentication and updates
• Automatic updating of  login information for ecommerce sites
• And much, much, more…

XeroPass represents the next generation of cyber security solutions and meets the criteria for
secure authentication and communications set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and
Technology (NIST).

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CryptoFlow – by Certes

Protecting data in motion usually requires a complex hodgepodge patchwork of SSL, IPsec tunnels, application layer controls and multiple network configuration challenges. CryptoFlow VPNs use the power of network virtualization to create simple, abstract encrypted “flows” across the network. Now encryption can be managed end-to-end without touching the network or applications.

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CYBER THREAT PREVENTION (Endpoint protection)


VMmunity – by Vir2us

Most cyber security solutions fail because they rely on outdated, post-attack listing strategies that simply cannot identify or stop unknown threats. Patented Vir2us technologies end the game with hackers by creating built-in secure processes and disposable computing environments where malicious software simply cannot propagate or persist. Only Vir2us secures your business from the inside out to deliver what you need to take control today.

Vir2us empowers you to achieve genuine cyber security now, with managed solutions delivered from the cloud, configured in minutes and deployed globally.  With powerful cloud-based controls that preempt both known and unknown cyber threats, and provide real-time actionable information and response tools, there is simply nothing better. Only Vir2us meets the new and recommended compliance standards of regulatory authorities’ including SEC, FINRA, NIST, NSA, DHS, HIPAA and many more global compliance agencies.

“In my forty years inside the Federal Government I have seen perhaps only two or three companies with unique technology that had game-changing potential.  Vir2us is one of those companies.”

Michael Jacobs, Former Deputy Director of Cyber Security, NSA

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(Automated Computer Service)

Genesis “iPac3” – by Vir2us

The Genesis component of the Vir2us Immunity Suite quickly restores computing environments to a day-one, pristine state to provide complete assurance of uncompromised and secure computing.  Genesis can be deployed from the cloud, from a local handheld device (iPac3) or a laptop server appliance.

Genesis is a patented computer restoration service that performs a 100% restoration of the computing system environment including the BIOS and kernel.  Genesis takes a “digital snapshot” of a computer’s operating environment and quickly determines if the computer to be restored has any mechanical or hardware issues that would preclude its repair and restoration.  Next, Genesis creates a new and pristine computing environment, completely rebuilding the computer using a proven and patented “known-good” methodology.

Genesis restores all user data with first, second, and third level data recovery, applications environment recovery and restoration (including keys). The target computing system need not be bootable to be serviced.  Genesis automatically and comprehensively repairs and restores all data structures, eliminates 100% of embedded malware without having to identify it, and returns the computer to a day-one optimum state while retaining all data and customization.  Complete computer restoration typically takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon drive size and speed, processor speed and hardware configuration, and is comprised of over 1,000 processes including:

  • Computer restoration that is state of the art, repeatable, and not dependent on the capability of a technician
  • 100% restoration of malware infected PCs while preserving user data and applications
  • Real time comprehensive system diagnosis
  • Smart backup to external USB storage device
  • Active malware elimination
  • Application key recovery
  • Comprehensive data recovery
  • Account reset

Genesis automatically recreates the computing environment using source certified pristine templates for OS and applications while eliminating malware and other forms of corruption. The Genesis device has a lifetime replacement guarantee, version updates from the Cloud and technical support.

Disk Drive Upgrade and Replacement – More than 70% of computer users experience degradation from disk drives that are over 80% full or low speed OEM production drives. Upgrading drive size and speed can improve computer performance by up to 3X.  Only Genesis offers disk drive upgrade and migration that is fast and economical and does not require user disks and keys.

Computer-to-Computer Upgrade and Migration – When users purchase a new computer they typically need to move their applications, critical applications data files, user data, and custom settings.   If they do not have their applications disks and keys this is nearly impossible.  Genesis allows for the rapid recovery and migration of applications and user data between computers with different operating systems, and without the need for original applications disks and keys.  Genesis retains the computer user’s software investment that often exceeds the value of the computer itself.

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All of the IP DEFENSE™ solutions have user-friendly auditing & reporting tools to ensure compliance and to track all activity on your network.


The auditing & reporting also includes tracking of what your administrators are doing on the system. This will ensure that those with admin credentials cannot make changes to the levels of security without anyone knowing.


POLICIES & PROCEDURES (Quality assurance)

Ensuring a company has created security policies and procedures in place, or has kept them up-to-date, is the first step to having a secure environment. Once policies and procedures are created or have been updated, they can be enforced using the solutions in IP DEFENSE™.



Video Surveillance & Access Control – by Avigilon

Delivering the world’s best protection, Avigilon’s industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, access control and video analytics products are reinventing surveillance. We offer customers in more than 120 countries a customizable end-to-end, scalable, open solution to monitor property and protect people across diverse locations, including stadiums, retail environments, schools, casinos, critical infrastructure, transportation stations, and more.  Avigilon products are designed and manufactured in North America, providing customers with the most reliable and highest quality technology in the industry.

For more information visit www.avigilon.com.

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