Cyber Security News and Breakthroughs From American Technology Solutions

Next-Gen Cyber Security is About Big Profits not IT Budgets

One of challenges of cyber security at the CXO executive level is that legacy cyber security solutions have historically been seen as just an expense for the most part.   However, next-generation solutions are poised to become one of biggest profit opportunities for...

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Snowden Classified Data Theft Incident was Avoidable

The Snowden incident, (where a government intelligence worker was able to easily copy and disseminate large amounts of highly classified data), highlights one of the fundamental problems of legacy cyber security and the thinking behind it.   Like many complex...

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What is that fundamental design problem?

The fact is, we have pushed to the limits a more than thirty-year-old computing architecture designed by engineers who never envisioned the Internet or the security challenges that such a globally connected computing architecture would produce. The unpredictable and...

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