Replace traditional VPN connections with Certes

Certes is Securing data in motion, at wire speeds

Protecting data in motion usually requires a complex hodgepodge patchwork of SSL, IPsec tunnels, application layer controls and multiple network configuration challenges.

Simple, hitless encryption of networked applications…CryptoFlow™

CrytpoFlow VPNs use the power of network virtualization to create simple, abstract encrypted “flows” across the network. Now encryption can be managed end-to-end without touching the network or applications. Traditional VPN’s:

  • Hours to configure a new site
  • Challenging to create meshes and any-to-any configurations
  • Can affect performance of network devices and applications
  • Easy to misconfigure, hard to monitor and audit

End complex, time-wasting IPsec “tunnel vision” with Certes CryptoFlow™ Solutions. CryptoFlow VPNs are tunnel-less, automatically configured VPNs that protect data in motion over any network.CryptoFlow VPNs are where security meets Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization.

Halt the hackers with WAN encryption you control


All Certes solutions, including physical network encryption appliances and virtual encryption appliances, support CryptoFlow tunnel-less VPNs. The Certes’ TrustNet Manager is the web-based management platform that enables you to manage Certes encryption appliances, set policies and control keys to create CryptoFlows across any network.

The Wide Area Network is essential to today’s IT infrastructure. But as recent hacking attacks and credit card breaches have shown, data communications for widely distributed enterprises must be secure and controlled.

Certes’ groundbreaking CryptoFlow WAN solutions offer simple, point-and-click encryption across your existing WAN connections:  MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Internet and other WAN connectivity options.

You control all keys, encryption policies and traffic integrity. CryptoFlow WAN ensures corporate data is safe from hackers and is compliant with privacy requirements.

Thousands of CryptoFlow WAN units are in service today protecting the most sensitive data traffic for enterprises around the world. Don’t be a data breach victim … secure your WAN traffic with CryptoFlows.


Standard-based WAN Encryption

Strongest encryption available: 256-bit AES.

Per-Frame/Packet Integrity Checks

SHA-512 traffic integrity checking, protects against “man in the middle” vulnerabilities.

Transparent Secure Failover

No impact to load balancing, High Availability or disaster recovery designs.

Encrypted throughput

From 3Mbps to 10Gbps with only microsecond latency

Decoupled Security

Provides infrastructure independent data security, including Network Function Virtualization and virtual encryption.

Infrastructure Neutral

Compatible with all underlying networking gear, regardless of vendor

Hitless Encryption Throughput

Bump-in-the-wire implementation does not impact latency-sensitive applications

Simple Management

Centralized control and scalable group encryption allows efficient full mesh connectivity without the need to manage tunnels

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