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Isn’t it time you exchanged the illusion of security for cyber threat immunity? Virtually all cyber security solutions fail because they rely on outdated post-attack listing strategies that simply cannot identify or stop unknown threats.

Patented Vir2us technologies end the game with hackers and insiders by creating built-in secure processes and disposable computing environments where malicious software simply cannot propagate or persist.

​Vir2us empowers you to achieve genuine security of digital assets now, with managed solutions delivered from the cloud, configured in minutes and deployed globally. With powerful cloud-based controls that preempt both known and unknown cyber threats, and a powerful real-time mobile dashboard, there is simply nothing better.

“In my forty years inside the Federal Government I have seen perhaps only two or three companies with unique technology that had game-changing potential.  Vir2us is one of those companies.”

​Michael Jacobs, Former Deputy Director of Information Security, NSA

The $Billion Question for Boards and CXOs 

Do you have 100% security and control over all of your enterprise digital assets?

(We know the answer)

Would you like to?

(Hillary, Target, Sony, Yahoo and others answered this one incorrectly and paid $billions)

Get it today for 30% less than you’re paying now for solutions that simply don’t work.

(Nearly all solutions on the market deal only with symptoms and not the real problem)

Hard to believe?

…It’s Guaranteed

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