Chips with everything – are you ready to be bio-hacked?

by John E Dunn The news that a US shopping self-service vendor plans to implant or “bio-hack” dozens of its employees with tiny chips was always going to grab people’s attention. The Wisconsin company involved, Three Square Market, is far from the...

Mozilla wants to hear your voice – but should you keep quiet?

by Lisa Vaas Is voice recognition technology really something we want the open-source community to break loose from the big corporations that have developed it and held it tight? Is it technology we want to see used far and wide? That’s certainly what Mozilla,...

macOS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities

LAS VEGAS—The FruitFly backdoor became a known entity in January, but it’s a good bet that for years it had been in the wild, undetected by analysts and security software. The macOS and OS X malware has a number of insidious spying capabilities that would...

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